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Furniture storage solutions have been popular and convenient for home and business owners for many years. Read our guide to find out the storage options available to you, including when you should consider using storage units and the type of items you could store, as well as furniture.

Finally, we reveal why you should contact Perth’s favourite removals and storage company!

Why You Need Storage Solutions for Your Office Relocation

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There are a number of reasons your business may benefit from the use of storage solutions:

  • Short-term storage during a move
    During an office relocation, it can be useful to have temporary storage space available. It may be you are unable to fully move in a single day, or you’d prefer to store some furniture or equipment you may not need at your new premises.
  • Document storage
    Your business may have a requirement to keep documentation for long periods even though you don’t expect to need to access the documents!
    This can be the case for contracts for employment, signed agreements with clients or suppliers, income tax information, etc.
  • Seasonal stock
    Your business may have stock or equipment which is only needed temporarily. This may include products you wish to display at Christmas or Easter time or equipment required for short-term projects. Putting products and equipment into storage frees up space within your premises for more stock, equipment or other resources.

Home Move Storage Space Options

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A home-owner may realise additional storage space is needed during some of the following situations:

  • Moving home
    When you are moving to a new home, you may want the convenience of packing some of your belongings in advance, using storage solutions as a temporary measure until you move.

    You may also find you can’t move into your new home the same day as you vacate your old home, again meaning you could benefit from the use of temporary storage solutions.

  • Short-term space for family/friends
    If you have friends or family coming to stay you may decide to empty a spare room to provide more space for your guests.
  • Decluttering
    Many of us decide we need to get rid of items we’ve had for a long time but no longer use. Sometimes, we can’t throw out these precious items and put them into storage in case we decide to get them back in the future.
  • Long-term storage needs
    • Renovations
      During renovations to your home, you may decide to put furniture into storage to provide ample working space and to ensure it is safe during any building work.
    • Travel/rental
      During a long-term trip, you may decide to rent out your home. It is common for renters to have, or provide, their own furniture, you may want to store your belongings to retrieve when you return home.

The Best Storage Unit for Your Needs

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With mobile, or moving, storage gaining in popularity, there are options for storage units:

  • Moving Storage
    A relatively new concept in storage, this is a work-free option for you. The removalist/storage company will deliver a storage unit to your business premises or home. They will pack it, to ensure the best use of the space plus they use specialist packing material, such as blankets to ensure the safety of your possessions.

    When packing is complete, they will transport the storage unit to their secure facility, returning it to you when you need it.

  • Self-storage
    Traditional warehouse storage where you rent a unit you can visit. You fill it, visit and remove items, or empty it at your own pace.

Should You Choose Self-Storage?

With the simplicity and ease of moving storage, there are still many advantages to using self-storage facilities:

  • Self-paced
    You pay for a storage unit, long or short-term which you fill as needed.
  • Retrieve possessions as needed
    You visit the unit whenever you need to, normally with 24-hour access available.
  • Secure and climate-proof!
    The storage facility is monitored and is secure. Your unit is dust-free and your belongings are protected from direct sunlight and moisture.

Perth Removals and Storage for the Storage Solutions You Need

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At Perth Removals and Storage, we offer cost-effective, simple-to-use storage solutions.

Our moving storage is packed and transported, then returned to your premises by our experienced team using professional packing techniques and materials.

Our self-storage facility is conveniently located near major Perth travel routes and is available for you 24 hours per day.

We have helped hundreds of delighted customers; contact our friendly team today to join them!

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