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Do you dread the thought of packing up all your belongings when you move? It can be a daunting task.

Not only is it often time-consuming and laborious, but it also requires ample amounts of organisation, planning and supplies.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why adding packing services to your moving checklist provides numerous benefits for stress relief and convenience for movers.

10 Benefits of Hiring Professional Packing Services

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Taking the time and effort to pack up all of your belongings properly can be a daunting task. Whether moving from one home to another or needing help getting your items ready for storage, working with a professional packing service can save you time and energy. Here are ten reasons why hiring a professional packing service is beneficial.

Time Savings

Packing your belongings is time-consuming and tedious. A professional packing service will save you time by having everything packed correctly and taking the burden off your shoulders.

Avoiding Damage

Professional packers have the tools and skills to pack safely and transport items without damaging them in transit. It ensures that your items arrive intact and ready to use at your new home or office space.

Saving Money

When you hire a professional packing service, you won’t need to worry about buying boxes and other supplies or renting storage units for extra furniture or items. The service cost will be less than what you would incur from purchasing moving materials.


Professional packers have the experience to organise everything properly during the move, making unpacking much easier when you reach your destination. They can even create labels for each box so that you know exactly what is inside each one before opening it up.

Stress Relief

Moving can be stressful, especially if it’s done alone without help from friends or family members who could lend a hand during the process. Having a professional packing service take care of all the relocation details can help relieve some of that stress and make your move smoother.

Insurance Coverage

When using a professional packaging service, their insurance policy should cover any damage incurred during transit or while unloading at the new location in case something goes wrong (which rarely happens). It gives you peace of mind knowing that whatever happens, you are covered.

Faster Unpacking Time

With everything already organised according to room or area upon arrival at your new residence, unpacking will go much faster since it doesn’t require additional sorting through boxes or sifting through piles of items on the floor.

Safe and Secure Transportation

Professional movers have access to larger trucks that provide more space for loading items safely before they head off on their journey across town (or country!) Also, since they are experienced in this line of work, they know how best to secure items within these vehicles so nothing shifts around while en route.

Quality Materials Used

Professionals use quality materials such as bubble wrap and durable boxes when packing up your belongings which helps ensure that everything remains safe until its destination is reached! It means no broken dishes upon arrival.

Experienced Staff Members

Professional movers are well-trained individuals who understand how best to handle different types of items during transit; this helps ensure everything arrives unscathed at its new home.

Types of Professional Packing Services for Moving


Moving is always stressful, but one thing that can make the entire experience easier is having professional packing services to help you out. Let’s look at some of the different types of professional packing services available so that you can make the best choice for your move.

Pre-Packing Services

When you hire a professional packing team, you don’t have to worry about anything other than pointing out what needs to be moved; the pros will take care of everything else.

They will use tried and tested packing materials and processes to ensure that everything arrives at your new home damage-free. It includes all your beloved and valuable possessions and furniture too large or awkward for you to transport.

Indoors And Outdoors

Professional packers also don’t forget those items from outside the house, such as garden sheds, garages, barbeques, outdoor furniture and potted plants. They’ll take care of them for you too! You won’t have to lift a finger when getting those items ready for transportation because our trained professionals will easily handle it.


Once we get to your new home, there’s no need to worry about how things will fit or where they should go. Experienced packers can help you with unpacking so that everything is exactly where you want it when they leave. They’ll unpack each item carefully and place it in its designated spot so that they’re done; everything looks neat and organised, just like you had imagined before the move!

Final Thoughts

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Moving is often cited as one of the most stressful life events. Between tying up loose ends at your old place, coordinating with movers, and actually making the physical move, it’s no wonder people get distressed.

Hiring professional packing services is one way to take some of the strain out of relocating. These experts will come in and do all the hard work for you so you can focus on other aspects of your big move.

Not only will this make things easier on you physically, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are being packed up securely.

If you’re interested in adding packing services to your upcoming move, contact Perth Removals and Storage. We would be happy to provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have.

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Our team is professional and experienced. We have packed and relocated furnishings, stock and equipment, including computers, tools and desks for delighted customers from office spaces, retail premises, warehouses, workshops, and hospitality (Cafes, restaurants, bars).

  • We Will assist you in packing your furniture and fittings, valuable stock, computers and office equipment. Our proven packing materials and techniques greatly reduce the risk of breakages or damage.
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  • We can arrange your new business space according to your wishes, whether you maintain the same layout or produce new seating and office plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Movers Pack Your Stuff?

The answer is yes! Professional packers are experienced in securely and safely packing all kinds of items from fragile fine china to personal effects. They come equipped with all the necessary packing materials and supplies, from bubble wrap and boxes to tape, markers and more.

Where Is the Best Place to Start Packing to Move?

Ideally, start packing four weeks before moving interstate or two weeks ahead if staying local. It will give you enough time to get everything together while allowing flexibility in case something is forgotten or broken on a moving day. Professional packers always have ongoing training and are certified experts in ensuring all goods are taken care of with utmost care — making it easier than ever before for people who need extra help when planning their move.

How Do I Start Packing and Moving?

Starting to pack for a move can be daunting and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be with the help of professional packing services. Start by sorting and organising your belongings into categories and deciding which items should go where in your new home. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom of boxes, followed by lighter items like clothes on top. Make sure to label each box clearly, so there is no confusion when moving day arrives.

With professional packing services, you can enjoy a minimum service option and only get help with specific rooms. It saves time and ensures that all fragile items and personal belongings are packed safely with bubble wrap or other protective measures. It will give you complete peace of mind knowing your possessions will arrive securely at your new home.

How Much in Advance Should I Start Packing to Move?

Starting to pack for a move in advance can save time and ensure everything is done properly. For local moves, two weeks in advance should be enough time to get everything together. If moving interstate, start packing four weeks before the move date.

Professional packing services come equipped with all the necessary packing supplies, and their staff are trained professionals who care for fragile items and personal belongings. It means you can rest easy knowing your possessions will arrive safely and securely at your new home.